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Hi everyone, my name is Juan Andrade-Vera. I am 25 years old, reside in Boston, and have the privilege to work at a Cambridge-based company called HubSpot. Every year, HubSpot provides its employees with a Global Week of Rest, which means that every single one of us gets an entire week of vacation to travel, spend time with family/friends, or just hang out and do nothing (Read more about it here). For me, I've decided to take this time away from my desk to share with you one of my favorite interests in the world: Food.

I've loved food all of my life. It's not just the taste of a delicious meal, or the execution of a unique recipe. For me, it goes beyond that. I love the science of cooking; the way ingredients interact to create flavors and textures. I love the sense of discovery I get as I make a slight modification to something I've been doing for years. More than anything, I love the power food has to bring people together. Whether it's gathering around a dinner table with loved ones, or asking for recommendations from strangers, food has the ability to create connections and help develop deep relationships with those around you. 

Now, what exactly will I be sharing with you this week (and hopefully beyond!)?

  1. Restaurant Recommendations in the Boston Area: I want to provide a personalized view into the dining scene in Boston. There are many websites that can serve up canned recommendations based on reviews; my hope is to provide you my firsthand experiences and give you an authentic glimpse into the vibrant and diverse dining scene that Boston has to offer. In the end, I hope to serve up a series of recommendations akin to when a friend recommends something for you to try out. 
  2. Cooking Tips and Tricks. Over the years, I've been able to watch my mom cook delicious Mexican food, and have read into several cooking books to help develop my skills. My hope is to pass along neat tips and tricks i've been able to gather through my years of cooking.
  3.  My love for food! I hope that with every blog post, you all can feel my love and passion for what I am putting in front of you.

Over the coming days, I will begin my journey on this new platform. I've never written or shared anything like this so I please ask for patience, feedback, and support as I embark on this adventure. 

See you soon,

The Juan and Only